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Effects of Secrecy on Psyche & Spirit - Univ. of Richmond 2003

Shedding Light on Secrecy and Openness in Adoption
Coordinators/2 University of Richmond
May 20-21, 2003
The Effect of Secrecy and Openness on Psyche and Spirit
by Thomas F. Brosnan

Secrecy in Adoption (SIA): a deadly virus

SIA’s defenders intended to protect the adoptive family’s integrity; it has had, ironically, the opposite effect. SIA (as opposed to confidentiality) necessitates lies. SIA erodes familial trust, creating distance and isolation within the adoptive family.
SIA removes familial mirrors – we adopted can’t see whom we look like.
SIA creates an ambiguity for the adopted – we do not feel ourselves as the result of sexual intercourse. Like Superman, we ruminate about falling out of space into the home of the kindly Kents; or, as specially chosen from the proverbial cabbage-pack, delivered by stalk rather than vaginal canal.
SIA robs the adopted of (at least) the knowledge of our first parents’ names, our ethnic and cultural heritage and, perhaps most importantly, of the names given us at birth.
SIA is the continuance of that flawed and fatal dualist philosophy, pretending that genetics doesn’t matter, that matter doesn’t matter: SIA seeks to separate body and soul, matter and spirit, nature and nurture.
SIA is based on the most astounding myth of all: that law can eradicate biology.

The only antidote: TIA (Truth in adoption)

The truth of one’s origins is an unalienable right; it is a requisite for human dignity.

(Rev.) Thomas F. Brosnan

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